KMarkdownWebView (kpart) in KDE Review

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Aug 21 23:18:19 BST 2017


KMarkdownWebView today entered KDE Review. This repo contains a kpart for 
rendered display of Markdown files, using web technologies (webpage with 
JavaScript library which creates HTML from the plaintext handed in).

I consider it rather a hack and would favour something done natively in Qt 
(e.g. like the Markdown Okular generator in
D7382). But for now it serves the use-case of providing a webpage-like 
rendered display of markdown documents. Especially for the live preview 
plugin for Kate & KDevelop currently worked on*.


See also

The separate library libKMarkdownWebView is done for sharing code with a 
thumbnailer plugin, whose code yet is to be committed to this repo, as it 
resists to work right now.

Initial build on CI looks good:

And people on #kde-devel & #kdevelop also reported successful builds and 

Target would be extragear/$SOMETHING, with $SOMETHING possibly "utils".

Initial release planned right after leaving kdereview.

Question: is there any appstream metadata possible for plugins?


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