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Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at kde.org
Wed Mar 2 11:49:45 GMT 2016

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016 11:46:01 AM CET Sven Brauch wrote:
> Hey,
> On 03/02/2016 11:19 AM, Martin Graesslin wrote:
> > No, because everything in the current plugin is Plasma specific.
> Meh. In some kind of theoretical view you are right, I do see that.
> Pragmatically, that's just not true, most of the things in the plugin
> are not plasma specific at all, for example:

Let's look at each of your examples:

> colour schemes,

to be configured in kcm colors, code is in plasma-desktop (part of Plasma)

> Qt style,

default is breeze (part of Plasma), configured in kcm style, code is in plasma-

> icons theme,

configured in kcm icons, code in plasma-desktop

> single/double click,

configured in kcm input, code in plasma-desktop

> file dialogs.

As someone complaining about GTK file dialogs in Plasma I am very against KDE 
Plasma file open dialogs used outside of Plasma. On other desktops it should 
use the file dialog of that desktop.

> All this is exactly as
> useful in plasma as it is in any other environment, and applies to the
> exact same set of applications.

No, it's not useful without configuration, which makes it useless without 

> In fact the only plasma-specifc thing I
> know about is KSNI.

no it's not. What about setting the look'n'feel package, the setting of breeze 
as widget style, the integration for KWin/Wayland? That's all Plasma specific.

> > Apparently nobody is interested in writing and maintaining
> > a qpt-plugin for non-plasma.
> There is one, qt5ct, but if you want to make that as useful as the
> plasma one, you need to reimplement half of systemsettings5 for no real
> reason.

ah but systemsettings5 is also part of Plasma.

> > We doing the work don't care about openbox or whatever.
> I find that a little surprising. I thought we were building a set of
> applications that aim to work well in any environment.

yes our applications should work great in any environment without relying on 
Plasma being installed!

> Right now, kate
> looks and works _much_ better on Windows than if you start it with the
> default settings in openbox (you don't even have icons on openbox!). As
> a developer of kate and as a person doing "the work" there I find that a
> bit frustrating.

then fix Qt to load the icons properly! There is no magic "break things outside 
Plasma" in frameworks. Seriously: if it doesn't work without workarounds added 
by Plasma it's a severe bug which needs to be fixed.

> Yes, there could be a dedicated platform theme for that, but there's
> only one sensible thing it can do right in almost all cases, which is
> "the same as the plasma one".

If that's the case it should be the default in Qt. If there is only one 
sensible way, the Qt default is not sensible and should be changed.

Let's fix Qt, not workaround bugs with a KDE powered QPT plugin!

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