KScreenGenie moved to KDE Review

Boudhayan Gupta me at baloneygeek.com
Sun Jun 28 12:07:31 BST 2015

On 28 June 2015 at 14:40, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 June 2015 02:45:56 Boudhayan Gupta wrote:
>> The other thing I'd like to mention here is that there was talk on IRC
>> and the kde-community list a few months back that if KScreenGenie does
>> end up passing review and replacing KSnapshot, that it should take the
>> KSnapshot name and just become KSnapshot 2.0. I'd be grateful if
>> someone could tell me how to proceed for this.
> I suggest to not do this that early. Let's first move it to extragear and give
> it time to prove itself. Right now it's a new application which has hardly got
> any testing. In opposite KSnapshot is a very mature application with a decade
> of development behind it. So let's keep KSnapshot as it is and evaluate in
> half a year/year.

That's not a bad idea, in principle.

I'm still going to present a few arguments for pushing straight to KDE
Graphics though:

1) I went through the KSnapshot code line-by-line (my original
objective was to improve KSnapshot, not make a new program) and while
yes it's a mature program with a decade of development behind it,
KScreenGenie not only copies a lot of the good and usable code from
KSnapshot, I've also actively tried to improve the design of the
program so that a few bugs with KSnapshot are fixed. One of them is
the huge wait that happens after clicking Send To before the menu
appears (this is done in the background now, so no perceptible wait)
and better multi-monitor granularity by integrating with libkscreen.

2) I'm home for the holidays and practically free with nothing else to
do until the first week of August. Even after college starts again,
the workload isn't so much that I'm unable to fix bugs within hours or
at most 1-2 days (in rare circumstances) of being reported. Feature
requests might take a while though.

This said, moving to extragear for the purposes of extra real-world
testing is a good idea, except that unless we can give users a huge
incentive to eschew using KSnapshot (which is in kdegraphics and hence
released with the KDE apps, and receives preferential treatment from
distro packagers over extragear apps), and install KScreenGenie
instead, very few users are actually going to use KScreenGenie.
There's also the fact that once KScreenGenie makes it out in public
using the KSG name, it'll be difficult to change the name to KSnapshot
again, because we end up doubly confusing users.

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