KScreenGenie moved to KDE Review

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Sun Jun 28 16:47:43 BST 2015

On Sunday 28 June 2015 16:37:31 you wrote:
> 2) I'm home for the holidays and practically free with nothing else to
> do until the first week of August. Even after college starts again,
> the workload isn't so much that I'm unable to fix bugs within hours or
> at most 1-2 days (in rare circumstances) of being reported. Feature
> requests might take a while though.

This worries me a little bit. Not the fact of how much time is available, but 
the fact that you do a rather short term thinking. Let's put it simple: there 
won't be any bug reports prior to October when the first large distros start 
to ship it. And then it's too late to go back. We need to be sure that the new 
solution is not giving our users a hard time.

Thus first in extragear to roll it out to some users for testing. Once we see 
that it's a good solution we can roll it out to all users by making it 
replacing KSnapshot.

> This said, moving to extragear for the purposes of extra real-world
> testing is a good idea, except that unless we can give users a huge
> incentive to eschew using KSnapshot (which is in kdegraphics and hence
> released with the KDE apps, and receives preferential treatment from
> distro packagers over extragear apps), and install KScreenGenie
> instead, very few users are actually going to use KScreenGenie.

This worries me. I think we should be happy with few users at the start for a 
new product.

> There's also the fact that once KScreenGenie makes it out in public
> using the KSG name, it'll be difficult to change the name to KSnapshot
> again, because we end up doubly confusing users.

names are well just names. If we rename it later on to ksnapshot it's no 
problem. For the users it will just look like a new ui. I doubt that our users 
know it's called "KSnapshot" at all. They use the print key on their keyboard.

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