KScreenGenie moved to KDE Review

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Sun Jun 28 10:10:49 BST 2015

On Tuesday 16 June 2015 02:45:56 Boudhayan Gupta wrote: 
> The other thing I'd like to mention here is that there was talk on IRC
> and the kde-community list a few months back that if KScreenGenie does
> end up passing review and replacing KSnapshot, that it should take the
> KSnapshot name and just become KSnapshot 2.0. I'd be grateful if
> someone could tell me how to proceed for this.

I suggest to not do this that early. Let's first move it to extragear and give 
it time to prove itself. Right now it's a new application which has hardly got 
any testing. In opposite KSnapshot is a very mature application with a decade 
of development behind it. So let's keep KSnapshot as it is and evaluate in 
half a year/year.

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