Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat Jan 31 20:25:22 GMT 2015

On Sat, 31 Jan 2015, Christoph Feck wrote:

> On Saturday 31 January 2015 20:07:42 Eike Hein wrote:
>> [...] Qt is using gerrit and we intend to remain a major stakeholde
>> in Qt development, which means a sizable number of KDE developers
>> need to be familiar with gerrit anyway [...]
> Excuse me, but if KDE developers will have to follow equivalent steps
> as described at to
> contribute, then I predict another big loss of developers.
> Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

Maybe quite a few KDE developers would want to contribute to Qt, and maybe 
Qt would like more contributors, but KDE is so much bigger -- I'd like to 
see some numbers, but I seriously doubt that the majority of KDE 
developers are potential Qt developers. Even if we have to work around Qt 
bugs quite often.

In any case, if Qt wants more contributors out of the KDE developer pool, 
they'd better ease up their submission process and drop using gerrit. I 
know that I, and I've been a KDE developer for over a decade, won't do 
anything for Qt in my spare time as long as they have this gerrit-based 
workflow. If people are paying me for it, well, that's different, but no 
way am I going to submit to that process for fun and for for free.

In short, Qt uses gerrit is a bogus argument in favor of gerrit. And I am 
pretty sure that if gerrit becomes a requirement for working on KDE 
projects, KDE will not just lose a lot of developers, it will lose a lot 
of projects.


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