Changes to our Git infrastructure

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Jan 5 21:10:01 GMT 2015

El Dilluns, 5 de gener de 2015, a les 21:51:34, Alexander Neundorf va 
> On Monday, January 05, 2015 16:15:09 Ian Wadham wrote:
> ...
> > I wonder also how many people have just tiptoed quietly away from the KDE
> > Community rather than speak out about frustrations they may have been
> > feeling.  Where *did* all those people go in the last few years?  And why?
> I didn't really walk away, but the move from svn to git has made
> contributing to KDE for me harder/less fun. Just "svn up" in trunk/ was
> really nice. Now we have hundreds of repositories, and as far as I know
> there is still no using-git-for-KDE-development-for-dummies documentation
> (maybe because there is no common workflow for all of these many
> repositories).

I think this is due to the fact that it's quite simple
git clone kde:repo
do coding
git commit
git push

Obviously i think it is simple but you think it's not, i can't write a guide 
for dummies because i think it's simple and you can't write it because you 
don't know how to write it, it'd need to people to collaborate on it.

If you can write somewhere your questions I'm sure we can find people to write 
the answers :)


> Having said that, the mail flood I get from Qt gerrit also isn't fun. After
> every comment a new review is requested... I don't have that time.
> Having a system where every repository (project) automatically has its own
> wiki and bug tracker is something I would really like to have. I think this
> is especially useful with the frameworks effort. I'd really like to see a
> "homepage" for each of the frameworks, and such a wiki page would be a
> natural place to put it.
> Alex

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