Changes to our Git infrastructure

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Jan 3 22:11:25 GMT 2015

El Dissabte, 3 de gener de 2015, a les 15:31:26, Ben Cooksley va escriure:
> Hi all,
> I've gone over the comments everyone has made thus far and came up
> with the following community wishlist as it were.
> It represents a combination of what everyone has said, in a fairly
> distilled form.
> Regrettably there were one or two items which conflicted. I sided with
> the option which kept the barrier to entry as low
> as possible as that seemed to be the greater consensus within the thread.
> - Code Reviews:
>   - CLI client to make changes to the code review system and to manage
> the review (including retrieving the commits/patches)
>     Client should have good documentation.
>   - System should automatically set the CC / Reviewers / etc for a
> review rather than the submitter needing to know who to set.
>   - Changes should be shown per-commit.
>   - Updates to reviews should leave prior reviews intact.
>   - Patches should be readable, commentable on line by line.
>   - Proposed changes are vetted by the CI system (compilability, tests,
> etc). - Ability to accept the changes through the code review system
>   - Can mark a review as Bad (Don't Ship This) / Okay (Fine with it
> going in) / Good (Ship It)
>   - Can determine whether the review was by someone with commit rights.
>   - Can produce a list of review requests given a certain set of
> criteria easily (preferrably savable)
>   - Developers can tweak proposed changes easily before they are
> landed without the involvement of the submitter.

I'm missing a 
   - Can upload patches without a CLI (i.e. via web) 
in the list.


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