Changes to our Git infrastructure

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Mon Jan 5 14:12:34 GMT 2015

On 4 Jan 2015, at 20:41, Thiago Macieira wrote:

> On Saturday 03 January 2015 15:35:12 Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>>> - Not needing a CLI tool in an "obscure language" (PHP, Java,
>>> .NET,...).
>> .NET is a framework, not a language. Maybe you meant C#. Regardless, 
>> I
>> fail to see how any of those are "obscure". They're three of the most
>> popular and widespread languages in the world.
> For command-line applications on Linux?

A binary's a binary.

As I stated in my example, I use git-annex, which is coded in Haskell. 
It's not a common language for command-line applications on Linux, but 
it works and is useful. I don't see why it being in an "obscure" 
language matters.


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