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Sun Jan 4 15:15:30 GMT 2015

On Saturday 03 January 2015 15:31:26 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> (...excellent summary of discussion...)
> Commentary on the above would be appreciated.

There are two questions which aren't addressed int he summary, but which I 
think are important to have good answers for before we can take a decision.

The first question is: Who do we want to address? We obviously want to address 
existing contributors and for that the list represents the needs quite well. 
But to what degree do we want to address new contributors? Collecting 
requirements on kde-core-devel won't give us the input we need, if we want to 
address people who are not already part of our community.

The second question is: What are our requirements for hosting? Do we want to 
host it ourselves, or would we be ok with a third party hosting the 
infrastructure as well, and under which conditions?

Both questions are related to GitHub, which has been mentioned in the 
discussion quite a bit. It would address a lot of our requirements and it is 
something especially new contributors are familiar with.

I'm not saying we should simply move to GitHub, but as it is brought up so 
often, we maybe should review our position, and make sure that we know why we 
are not going with the flow, and why we are paying the price of a higher 
barrier of entry and the additional effort of hosting our own infrastructure.

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