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Thu Feb 26 07:56:26 GMT 2015

On Thursday 26 February 2015 01:02:04 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Really it has to be either part of KIO or another framework, i mean, if
> you're  using the desktop only (and no apps) you're also going to need it.

Can you expand on why "you are going to need it"?

I install workspace only. OK, I have a workspace.
It works, but it has limited functionality obviously.
No calculator -> I install kcalc
No text editor -> I install kwrite
No file manager -> I install dolphin
No support for sftp or thumbnails in dolphin -> I install kio-extras.

(of course this is written as a compiling-from-scratch type setup, in practice 
the binary package for dolphin would bring it in as a dependency)

Ah. Is this about kio_desktop? That one should *definitely* be in workspace.
But it doesn't have to be in kio-extras.

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