Build dependency issues with kdesrc-build

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Fri Feb 6 14:35:18 GMT 2015


On Friday 06 February 2015 15:11:22 Kevin Funk wrote:
> On Thursday 05 February 2015 22:16:54 Michael Pyne wrote:
> > kdesrc-build will reorder modules into the right build order (assuming the
> > needed metadata in kde-build-metadata is present).
> > 
> > However as of now it only reorders modules you pull into the build list,
> > so you still need to specify dependencies somehow. E.g. if you only asked
> > to build plasmate, kdesrc-build wouldn't pull kdevplatform for you, but if
> > you asked to build both kdesrc-build would do it in the right order.
> Question: Can't we add an option that does exactly that? Anything that'd
> prevent us to do so?
> Proposal: Build everything that is a dependency of the package passed to
> kdesrc-build. I personally would like to have this as well.
> A first time user ("I want to hack on plasmate") could then just invoke
> something along:
> $ kdesrc-build --include-deps plasmate

Yes, that would be extremely useful. I got students who are preparing to hack 
on zanshin and I witnessed them struggle with their kdesrc-buildrc quite a 
bit. It would be much smaller and easier to write to start with such an option 
(I'd go for an option at the module or module-set level more than on cli 

Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud supporter of KDE,

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