Build dependency issues with kdesrc-build

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Fri Feb 6 14:11:22 GMT 2015

On Thursday 05 February 2015 22:16:54 Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Tue, February 3, 2015 00:54:25 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > El Dissabte, 31 de gener de 2015, a les 19:20:06, Mathieu Tarral va
> escriure:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > I noticed an issue with the plasmate component, which is build
> > > when you include kf5-workspace-build-include.
> > > 
> > > It has a build dependency on KDevPlatform, but this component is only
> > > selected in kf5-applications-build-include.
> > > 
> > > So should we move plasmate into Applications ?
> > 
> > I have no idea how kdesrc-build but i'd hope/guess/expect it maps the
> > virtual hierarchy of the repos, so probably plasmate should go to
> > something
> > extragear- ish that can depend on kdevlplatform just fine?
> > 
> > But as said i know not much of kdesrc-build so i could be talking crap :D
> kdesrc-build will reorder modules into the right build order (assuming the
> needed metadata in kde-build-metadata is present).
> However as of now it only reorders modules you pull into the build list, so
> you still need to specify dependencies somehow. E.g. if you only asked to
> build plasmate, kdesrc-build wouldn't pull kdevplatform for you, but if you
> asked to build both kdesrc-build would do it in the right order.

Question: Can't we add an option that does exactly that? Anything that'd 
prevent us to do so? 

Proposal: Build everything that is a dependency of the package passed to 
kdesrc-build. I personally would like to have this as well.

A first time user ("I want to hack on plasmate") could then just invoke 
something along:
$ kdesrc-build --include-deps plasmate

> Please note that the kf5-*-build-include files with kdesrc-build are not
> authoritative information about what depends on what, they are very coarse
> groupings intended to help with high-level organization.

Hm, but in fact it gives you the information about the actual package 
dependencies pretty precisely, no? (Otherwise the whole CI infrastructure 
wouldn't work -- Our CI scripts can figure out the exact dependency set needed 
for a build)

> You don't even need
> to use kf5-*-build-include, you can make your own kdesrc-buildrc that does
> the same thing; you can consider them as maintained sample files.
> Regards,
>  - Michael Pyne

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