Generated files in version control (was: Re: Why is C90 enforced in KDE?)

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Mon Dec 7 00:08:31 GMT 2015

2015-12-06 18:46 GMT-03:00 Thomas Lübking <thomas.luebking at>:
> On Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015 22:23:01 CEST, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
>> I am aware that Nuno manually chose rendering engine and scaling
>> method for every individual Oxygen icon based on seeing which one gave
>> (subjectively) better results. That is not documented anywhere
> Seriously? I mean, are you saying the choices where not recorded anywhere?
> (To automize re-generation on a rule base)

As far as I know they weren't. I will be grateful if you can find the
record of those choices, so far I couldn't :)

>> If I want to make an Oxygen-style icon
> of vastly inferior quality ... :-P

It will look better to stick my app logo into the real-artist-designed
piece-of-paper-with-shadow than to draw an icon from scratch...

>> I could even bring licensing into the discussion.
> Afaiu you can't - png is the "source", because they were post-processed in
> addition?!?

Both Oxygen and Breeze icons are under the LGPL, so I *can* bring
licensing into discussion. If you think png is the real source, that's
a possible answer to my question, it doesn't mean my question is N/A

If the Preferred Form of Modification is the PNGs, it means the best
way to modify an existing icon is to modify the PNG, so we shouldn't
need the SVG around at all. I don't think that's the case. Surely the
preferred way to modify an icon is to edit the SVG and rasterize it
again. In that case part of the Corresponding Source is missing: how
it was rasterized.

> Even if not: it doesn't matter whether you use inkscape or gimp or krita or
> illustrator or photoshop or MS paint to create a raster image (or whether
> you provide intermediate results as well) - otherwise things would get
> *really* complex, because the *entire* production process of the image would
> have to be documented to eg. allow recretation of a png drawn in gimp (Mask
> here, gradient there. Gaussian blur, 40% overlay. Flatten, displacement
> noise, yaddayaddayadda...)

If you used gimp, you should put your multilayer .xcf in version
control, although in that case I may concede that re-rendering it at
build time is a pain, and a .png should be committed too. But at least
it's easy to reproduce the exact same bitmap if needed.


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