Generated files in version control (was: Re: Why is C90 enforced in KDE?)

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Sun Dec 6 21:46:27 GMT 2015

On Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015 22:23:01 CEST, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:

> I am aware that Nuno manually chose rendering engine and scaling
> method for every individual Oxygen icon based on seeing which one gave
> (subjectively) better results. That is not documented anywhere

Seriously? I mean, are you saying the choices where not recorded anywhere? (To automize re-generation on a rule base)

> I don't think there is any working implementation of RFC1437
Rumor has it that Dr. Ira Graves will have made some progress on this particular issue.

> If I want to make an Oxygen-style icon

of vastly inferior quality ... :-P

> for my application's document format, I can copy the .svg for an existing
> file format icon, put my application logo, leave the paper,
> and... who knows how to produce the magic .png from that. No documentation,
> no script.

Is this a real world issue or is the solution being "breeze"?

> I could even bring licensing into the discussion.

Afaiu you can't - png is the "source", because they were post-processed in addition?!?
Even if not: it doesn't matter whether you use inkscape or gimp or krita or illustrator or photoshop or MS paint to create a raster image (or whether you provide intermediate results as well) - otherwise things would get *really* complex, because the *entire* production process of the image would have to be documented to eg. allow recretation of a png drawn in gimp (Mask here, gradient there. Gaussian blur, 40% overlay. Flatten, displacement noise, yaddayaddayadda...)

IOW, iamges don't fit code licenses at all.


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