Splitting kde-workspace and kde-runtime proposal

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Wed Jan 22 11:59:53 GMT 2014

On Tuesday 21 January 2014 13:12:58 David Hubner wrote:
> > In the plasma sprint we have done a session to plan what we are going to
> > do
> > with kde-workspace/kde-runtime repositories, here is the proposal we came
> > with.
> > 
> > We are going to create 2 new repos called plasma-desktop and
> > plasma-workspace, we decided to use plasma as a prefix so in the future we
> > can have more workspaces and desktops without being in the awkward
> > situation of having one wrongly labeled as "KDE" while others are not
> > (thinking on for example having Razorqt/lxde as part of KDE in the
> > future). Current kde-workspace and kde- runtime will be kept for history
> > reasons.
> > 
> > plasma-desktop will hold all specific pieces tied to the desktop
> > experience, for example the touchpadenabler only makes sense on laptops.
> > 
> > plasma-workspace will contain all bits that are generic enough to be of
> > interest for more than one form factor, for example we need appmenu in
> > both, tablet and desktop.
> > 
> > Additionally we want to split optional dependencies (kinfocenter for
> > example) and other projects that are quite big.
> > 
> > Some of the new repositories we want to create are:
> > powerdevil
> > kwin
> > oxygen (containing a full Oxygen experience)
> > ksysguard
> > kinfocenter
> > klipper...
> > 
> > A full list of the proposed new repositories can be found at [1].
> > 
> > Finally some other bits could be merged with some Frameworks, it is the
> > case for example of solid-hardware and solid-networkstatus that should be
> > moved to solid.
> > 
> > Again, this is a proposal so please! send any feedback you might have.
> > 
> > Cheers.
> Hi,
> I am ok with splitting KInfocenter into it's own repo. It might also be an
> idea to split System Settings kcm's and KInfocenter kcm's into a repo called
> KCM or something and then have KInfocenter and System Settings repo's just
> for the app.

That might be an idea. Or throw together system settings, kinfocenter and all 
the KCMs. But that are details for when we do the split :-)

> I feel I might be missing some history here though.. why is this being done?

The idea to split workspace into more repos had been around for quite some 
time. We noticed that we have applications with very different scope in kde-
workspace. Historically the workspace has been X11 only and everything in the 
repo should only make sense when running the KDE workspaces. That's not really 
the case any more:
* we have applications which are built on all platforms (e.g. KInfoCenter)
* we have X11 only applications which are used outside the KDE workspaces 
(e.g. KWin)
* we have applications which are only used on one or the other shell of the 
* we have libraries other applications depend on and we don't want 
applications to depend on the workspaces (famous example kdevelop depending on 

Just look at the CMakeList and the mess we do with finding the requirements 
for e.g. KWin. Let's first find some random X11 library to check whether we 
are on X11 and then turn the optional X11 dependency into a mandatory and 
start to find more required stuff. That's IMHO already a good enough technical 
reason to do the split.

There are more reasons to split up and clean up. I just wanted to outline one 
rather obvious.

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