Splitting kde-workspace and kde-runtime proposal

David Hubner david.hubner at smoothwall.net
Tue Jan 21 13:12:58 GMT 2014

> In the plasma sprint we have done a session to plan what we are going to do
> with kde-workspace/kde-runtime repositories, here is the proposal we came
> with.
> We are going to create 2 new repos called plasma-desktop and
> plasma-workspace, we decided to use plasma as a prefix so in the future we
> can have more workspaces and desktops without being in the awkward
> situation of having one wrongly labeled as "KDE" while others are not
> (thinking on for example having Razorqt/lxde as part of KDE in the
> future). Current kde-workspace and kde- runtime will be kept for history
> reasons.
> plasma-desktop will hold all specific pieces tied to the desktop
> experience, for example the touchpadenabler only makes sense on laptops.
> plasma-workspace will contain all bits that are generic enough to be of
> interest for more than one form factor, for example we need appmenu in
> both, tablet and desktop.
> Additionally we want to split optional dependencies (kinfocenter for
> example) and other projects that are quite big.
> Some of the new repositories we want to create are:
> powerdevil
> kwin
> oxygen (containing a full Oxygen experience)
> ksysguard
> kinfocenter
> klipper...
> A full list of the proposed new repositories can be found at [1].
> Finally some other bits could be merged with some Frameworks, it is the
> case for example of solid-hardware and solid-networkstatus that should be
> moved to solid.
> Again, this is a proposal so please! send any feedback you might have.
> Cheers.


I am ok with splitting KInfocenter into it's own repo. It might also be an 
idea to split System Settings kcm's and KInfocenter kcm's into a repo called 
KCM or something and then have KInfocenter and System Settings repo's just for 
the app. 

I feel I might be missing some history here though.. why is this being done?


> [1] http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Tokamak7/split_proposal

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