Splitting kde-workspace and kde-runtime proposal

Bhushan Shah bhush94 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 05:33:57 GMT 2014


On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 1:19 AM, Àlex Fiestas <afiestas at kde.org> wrote:
> In the plasma sprint we have done a session to plan what we are going to do
> with kde-workspace/kde-runtime repositories, here is the proposal we came
> with.
> We are going to create 2 new repos called plasma-desktop and plasma-workspace,
> we decided to use plasma as a prefix so in the future we can have more
> workspaces and desktops without being in the awkward situation of having one
> wrongly labeled as "KDE" while others are not (thinking on for example having
> Razorqt/lxde as part of KDE in the future). Current kde-workspace and kde-
> runtime will be kept for history reasons.

I want to suggest something different,

1) Create two different groups named plasma-workspace and
plasma-desktop like frameworks
2) Split out every component into individual repos
3) Assign repos to the related group.


1) Easy to assign maintainer to individual component.
2) If we split only some repos, we can not mark it as part of
workspace but this way we can do it.
3) More, may be?

That's my humble suggestion. :)

> Again, this is a proposal so please! send any feedback you might have.


Bhushan Shah

IRC Nick : bshah on Freenode

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