Splitting kde-workspace and kde-runtime proposal

Antonis Tsiapaliokas kok3rs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 10:05:26 GMT 2014

> 1) Create two different groups named plasma-workspace and
> plasma-desktop like frameworks
> 2) Split out every component into individual repos
> 3) Assign repos to the related group.
> Advantages:
> 1) Easy to assign maintainer to individual component.
> 2) If we split only some repos, we can not mark it as part of
> workspace but this way we can do it.
> 3) More, may be?
> That's my humble suggestion. :)
> > Again, this is a proposal so please! send any feedback you might have.
> Thanks!

I think that splitting each individual component to its own repo might be a 
bit confusing. Because if we don't have two groups (plasma-desktop and plasma-
workspace), then we will not be able to provide something as a standard 
solution. So each person will consider  "Plasma Desktop" as something entirely 

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