Moving Baloo forward

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Jan 17 00:47:17 GMT 2014

Hi guys, seems we have reached a kind of impasse regarding what to do with 
Baloo and Nepomuk. Since the 4.13 freeze is coming sooner than you think (less 
than 6 weeks) I'd like to try to get it moving again.

Here comes my proposal:

Create a wiki where you clearly explain:
 * What is Baloo
 * Why Nepomuk is unfixable
 * What's the strategy of migrating Nepomuk data to Baloo
 * Can Nepomuk and Baloo run together? If so does data flow both ways? No way? 
One way?
 * For each application that we know uses nepomuk
  - Is it going to be ported? When?
  - If not ported can it still run the same with nepomuk installed?
  - If not ported what's the harm if nepomuk is not installed?
 * What is the support plan for Baloo based in kdelibs4 once KF5 is released?

I guess that most of the answers can be extracted from the emails of the 
discussion, but having a central place that people can go and read surely 

Now my personal opinion is that unless some of the answers are catastrophic 
(i.e. something like "It will eat all your data") we should move to Baloo as 
soon as possible.

For me the situation is this:
 * I accept the domain experts opinion that Nepomuk is unfixable
 * That means we need a replacement, Baloo
 * Baloo is [almost] ready
 * Baloo will have bugs (as all software does)

Now with this situation we can do two things:
 * Move to Baloo as soon as possible
 * Move to Baloo sometime in the future (let's say 1 year)

If we move now, in one year we will have had 1 year of real usage uncovering 
bugs and 1 year of bugfixes.

If we move in one year, we will have lost that 1 year of real usage (since few 
people will be using it) and so in one year we will be in the same situation 
as we are now. On top of that we have the possibility that the Baloo guys have 
lost motivation

Thus my suggestion is that after we get the wiki done and we explain clearly 
the situation as Thomas L├╝bking suggested (i.e. if you really really really 
really need what Nepomuk provides and can't accept a single regression in that 
field, do not upgrade), we go ahead with moving to Baloo instead of Nepomuk.

What do you think?


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