AW: KDE Review: Moving Smb4K to extragear/network

alexander.reinholdt at alexander.reinholdt at
Thu Jan 16 08:13:46 GMT 2014


> Until recently the code resided in playground/network (Subversion
> repository) and I though now is the time to move Smb4K to kdereview with
> the intension to place it in extragear/network after review.
> The repository for the review is located at

What's your target "virtual module"? extragear/utils?

I'm not completely sure what you mean by "virtual module". Do you mean the repository where eventually Smb4K should be placed in after review? 

I don't think your plasmoid is getting properly i18n'ed since i don't see how
it would load the smb4k catalog. Have you tried it works?

On my desktop it is fully translated. However, I'd be happy about hints how to improve the plugin.

Also you're using kde4_add_kdeinit_executable, can you explain why?

Frankly, I don't remember. I think it had to do with some strange debug messages from kdelibs that I tried to get rid of. I can revert this.

Also, as commented in the i18n list, i think it makes sense you move the
docbook to this repo.


> For more information on Smb4K, please visit our project's home page at
> Sourceforge:

Not sure about this one, so asking others, what does the manifesto say about
webpages? Should it be on * too? Or is fine?


Best regards

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