KDE Review: Moving Smb4K to extragear/network

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Jan 15 19:17:52 GMT 2014

El Dimarts, 14 de gener de 2014, a les 20:27:14, Alexander Reinholdt va 
> Hello,
> Smb4K is an advanced network neighborhood browser and Samba share mounting
> utility. It already exists about ten years and just recently version 1.1 was
> released to the public.
> Until recently the code resided in playground/network (Subversion
> repository) and I though now is the time to move Smb4K to kdereview with
> the intension to place it in extragear/network after review.
> The repository for the review is located at
> https://projects.kde.org/projects/kdereview/smb4k

What's your target "virtual module"? extragear/utils?

I don't think your plasmoid is getting properly i18n'ed since i don't see how 
it would load the smb4k catalog. Have you tried it works?

Also you're using kde4_add_kdeinit_executable, can you explain why?

Also, as commented in the i18n list, i think it makes sense you move the 
docbook to this repo.

> For more information on Smb4K, please visit our project's home page at
> Sourceforge: http://smb4k.sourceforge.net.

Not sure about this one, so asking others, what does the manifesto say about 
webpages? Should it be on *.kde.org too? Or sf.net is fine?


> Best regards
> Alexander

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