Review Request 114924: Konqueror: fix crash wnen switching between view modes

Jonathan Marten jjm at
Thu Jan 9 12:09:42 GMT 2014

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Review request for KDE Base Apps and Dawit Alemayehu.

Bugs: 322686

Repository: kde-baseapps


The referenced bug describes an assert crash which happens when switching view modes in Konqueror, using the View - View Mode menu.  It does not happen when switching view modes via the Dolphin Part toolbar.

Although the problem does not happen for adawit, this changes fixes the crash for me.


  konqueror/src/konqmainwindow.cpp 8a21c1b 



Built kde-baseapps with these changes.  Checked no crash when switching view mode both by toolbar and menu, and that the correct items in each case are checked.


Jonathan Marten

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