Lokalization for KDE AppStream AppData files

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Tue Feb 25 14:13:07 GMT 2014

Hi again!
I talked to some people, and it looks like merging the translation
back into one file using existing tools is not possible. So it would
be hacking a custom solution or not merge everything into one file.
I don't want to write additional code if doesn't have a strong
advantage. So, I would like to ask if my previous suggestion, projects
create an .appdata.xml.in file and the l10n-script commits
localization back as .appdata.xml into the same directory, would be an
acceptable solution. I don't see disadvantages of this.
Some XML-localization code exists, but that is Docbook-specific and
can't easily be reused for that kind of translation (as far as I can
see, it also requires l10n data to be present before the localized XML
can be built)

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