Splitting kactivities reporitory

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Tue Aug 26 11:13:24 BST 2014

> Does the library make sense without the daemon? If not then it falls into
> this constraint from https://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Policies :
> "Solutions have a mandatory runtime dependencies, it is part of their design
> and where their added value comes from"

That is the reason it ended up in the same repository.

But it is not really mandatory. The library does not do anything (at least not 
at the moment) but it can function without any issues even if the service is 
not present. Meaning that apps don't need to ifdef every part of their code-
base that touches activities in order to properly work without the service. 
They will think that there is only one activity, and they can behave 

While the library is guaranteed to be compilable on crappy^Wvarious compilers 
and functional on any platform, the service is not - nor it will be - it is 
*nix only with the possibility to be run on other systems (like plasma).



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