Review Request 119663: libkscreensaver: blank mouse cursor in startup code

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at
Fri Aug 8 13:37:16 BST 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace.

Bugs: 334762

Repository: kde-workspace


Qt's QGLWidget apparently explicitely sets a standard mouse pointer for the screensaver widget.
This patch prevents the mouse cursor from being shown for KDE's OpenGL screensavers by setting a blank override cursor for the screensaver application when not run in demo mode.


  kscreensaver/libkscreensaver/main.cpp 561205a 



Set one of KDE's OpenGL screensavers in systemsettings->Display and Monitor->Screen Locker, like Euphoria or Solarwinds.
Wait for the screensaver to kick in.
Notice that the mouse pointer is blanked now, whereas it was shown without this patch.

If a password is required, the mouse cursor does correctly re-appear for the greeter as it should if you move the mouse/press a key to get rid of the screensaver.

I'm using the patch on my systems for over two months now and haven't noticed any unexpected results.


Wolfgang Bauer

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