Review Request 102231: Pass KAboutData::productName() to DrKonqi

Christoph Feck christoph at
Sun Oct 27 19:00:41 GMT 2013

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(Updated Oct. 27, 2013, 7 p.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Runtime, kdelibs, Darío Andrés Rodríguez, and George Kiagiadakis.

Repository: kdelibs


Some applications, such as muon and Calligra apps, specify a bugzilla product/component via the KAboutData::setProductName() call. This works fine for bug reports via the "Report Bug..." menu, but fails for crashes. These currently go to "kde/general" when the product is not found.

This patch adds a "--productname" parameter to the internal DrKonqi invokation call from the KDE default crash handler, and it is expected that DrKonqi developers decide if they add this feature in DrKonqi. It should handle both pure product names (such as "muon"), as well as product/component combinations (e.g. "muon/installer").


  kdecore/kernel/kaboutdata.h 16861f4 
  kdecore/kernel/kaboutdata.cpp e49bddb 
  kdeui/util/kcrash.cpp b7abece 



I forced a crash via Q_ASSERT in a test application, and the "--productname" parameter got added when it was specified via setProductName(). DrKonqi failed to handle it, though, it aborted with "drkonqi: Unknown option 'productname'."


Christoph Feck

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