Review Request 101815: Change the way favicons are stored in bookmarks.xml file

Filip Brcic brcha at
Sun Oct 27 18:59:52 GMT 2013

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs


Currently kde bookmarks keep the favicons in a <bookmark:icon> tag inside the <meta> and that is why the bookmarks.xml file cannot pass the xmllint check.

This patch proposes a simple change -- favicons are stored as a `favicon' attribute inside the <meta> tag. That change doesn't change any functionality but it enables bookmarks.xml to be in written correct xml.

Rationale: Why do I care about correct xml? Well, first of all it is nicer to have correct xml, but more importantly, I'm using syncplaces ( addon for firefox to synchronize firefox and konqueror/rekonq bookmarks. If bookmarks are not written in correct xml, the plugin shows some errors and is unable to import & merge the bookmarks. With this little change everything works like a charm.


  kio/bookmarks/ 912052e 



I built kdelibs with this patch and I'm running them on my Kubuntu box for a week or so. You can access my patched kdelibs in my ppa on launchpad if you wish:

Up until now I didn't encounter any problems with this patch. I did reload all favicons, remove bookmarks, and resync them from firefox and everything worked out fine.


Filip Brcic

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