Packaging KDE Foundation 5 frameworks

Lubomir Rintel lkundrak at
Wed Oct 9 10:10:03 BST 2013


I know it's a bit too early, but still better than late. I'd like to
know your thoughts about the way KF5 frameworks will be packaged for
Linux distributions.

I'm currently working on including Hawaii desktop (based around a Qt5
and Wayland-based compositor) in Fedora. We aim at delivering it around
two Fedora releases in future therefore it makes sense to work on
packaging already. It currently depends on frameworks from kdelibs
framework branch (currently it's probably just tier1/solid) and extra
cmake modules.

I'm wondering what's your position on naming the packages? Does kf5-*
prefix (kf5-solid, kf5-extra-cmake-modules) make sense to you? OpenSUSE
seems to use that (except that they don't include the prefix for ECM).


My other question is about the modularization of kdelibs. Do you intend
to split it into separate GIT repositories? Or does it make sense to
build binary packages for frameworks from a single source package (this
would be a bit difficult to to package properly).

Thank you!

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