Packaging KDE Foundation 5 frameworks

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Oct 9 18:26:48 BST 2013

On Wednesday 09 October 2013, Lubomir Rintel wrote:
> Hi,
> I know it's a bit too early, but still better than late. I'd like to
> know your thoughts about the way KF5 frameworks will be packaged for
> Linux distributions.
> I'm currently working on including Hawaii desktop (based around a Qt5
> and Wayland-based compositor) in Fedora. We aim at delivering it around
> two Fedora releases in future therefore it makes sense to work on
> packaging already. It currently depends on frameworks from kdelibs
> framework branch (currently it's probably just tier1/solid) and extra
> cmake modules.
> I'm wondering what's your position on naming the packages? Does kf5-*
> prefix (kf5-solid, kf5-extra-cmake-modules) make sense to you? OpenSUSE
> seems to use that (except that they don't include the prefix for ECM).

IMHO extra-cmake-modules really should not get a "kf5" prefix, this would IMO 
at least partly defeat its purpose. It was intended as addons for cmake (which 
happen to be useful for KDE), not as a tier0 package of KF5.
Not sure if this changed though.


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