plasma and new shadow mess

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Sun Jan 6 16:01:06 GMT 2013

On Sunday 06 January 2013 16:37:47 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> btw, these changes were made in mid-November of 2012. i'm a little surprised
> people are only noticing now.
maybe because the hard feature freeze was on November 8th and nobody expects 
that they need to adjust their applications after the hard feature freeze? 
Also at least I had not known about it (which really surprises me given that 
it's about usage of a KWin feature). Might be that I missed a thread on 
plasma-devel, but mid/end November I was totally stressed and did not have 
much time for KDE. Dezember I was on vacations, then Christmas and New Year, 
so yeah in my case it's no surprise I did not notice it.

And now it's really, really late to fix these issues.  If there would not have 
been the delay due to another RC we would not have a chance to get out fixes 
which are actually tested. And to me RC means "only showstoppers shall be 
fixed" based on experience what last minute changes which cannot be properly 
tested can cause issues in a compositor. So no, in KWin that won't be fixed 
for 4.10. Also the thread on the release team mailing list nicely illustrates 
why we should stick to such schedules.

Overall I'm rather disappointed on how the situation came up and how it is 
handled now. It's not too late to revert the change and do it for 4.11 in a 
coordinated way that doesn't require rushed in changes.  It's the "don't break 
userspace thing" Linus is always talking about, isn't it?

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