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Teemu Rytilahti tpr at iki.fi
Thu Feb 7 11:01:44 GMT 2013

Martin Gräßlin wrote:

> That depends on how the "easier" works. Email address only is for me a big
> no- no as it means that the user cannot add attachments, which is quite
> important in the case of a crash trace.

Attachments should be possible with just an e-mail address / automatic 
account creation, I think.
> if the backtraces go to a special system where I don't see the dups, I'm
> all fine. If they go to bugzilla I want less and I mean it. The number of
> duplicates is a real problem and costs us lot's of time and work. I don't
> want to see anything done to make it easier.
> And no, we cannot expect users to recognize a duplicate crash, That's too
> difficult, we can also not expect users from recognizing whether a
> backtrace is useful.

True, it's up to the system to handle dups and invalid backtraces, imo.

Best Regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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