Login for bug reporting

Teemu Rytilahti tpr at iki.fi
Thu Feb 7 00:54:20 GMT 2013


Rolf Eike Beer wrote:
> I want to hijack this thread, as it is similar to what I find annoying
> (but for a totally different reason). I have an account, but sometimes I
> hack around at other peoples machines. I usually don't have my credential
> there and I don't even want to put them on this machines. But when I see a
> crash I would like to have Dr. Konqi to be able to tell me if this is a
> dupe or not. If it is I could just dump the trace and go on, if it is not
> I could still save it and report it back at home. Currently I need to log
> in before it is able to find dupes, which is IMHO not necessary as the
> information in public.


And in the same breath it would be nice to relay information about already 
fixed bugs ala "This bug has been fixed in version x" or "You can use this 
thing as a workaround". I'm sure there are plenty of cases where a "work-
around" information would be really useful also in cases when the bug is not 
easily fixable (see Akregator&Metakit crashes, some KWin crashes probably 

Best Regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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