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Rolf Eike Beer kde at opensource.sf-tec.de
Wed Feb 6 21:44:18 GMT 2013

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> Hi folks,
> at FOSDEM I was approached by a person who asked me to relay his
> dissatisfaction with the requirement of having a KDE Bugzilla account to
> report crashes via the KDE crash handler dialog.
> The issue in his case was kind of made worse by having this obstacle appear
> too late, i.e. after he had followed the instructions to create a useful
> backtrace and had downloaded several tens of megabytes of debug symbols.

I want to hijack this thread, as it is similar to what I find annoying (but for 
a totally different reason). I have an account, but sometimes I hack around at 
other peoples machines. I usually don't have my credential there and I don't 
even want to put them on this machines. But when I see a crash I would like to 
have Dr. Konqi to be able to tell me if this is a dupe or not. If it is I 
could just dump the trace and go on, if it is not I could still save it and 
report it back at home. Currently I need to log in before it is able to find 
dupes, which is IMHO not necessary as the information in public.


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