Nepomuk in 4.13 and beyond

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Thu Dec 12 18:08:23 GMT 2013

On Thursday, December 12, 2013 18:28:24 you wrote:
> What exactly do you want to integrate?

Plasma Active things.

> > what is the Baloo equivalent of the Nepomuk API currently in kdelibs?
> > (i’ve looked in the ballo repo, it isn’t clear at first glance)
> There isn't a clear Resource API any more. There is a nice query API - take
> a look at baloo/src/core/query.h / term.h. There are some "examples" in the
> autotests directory.

ok; will there be a Resource style API in future, or will it just be queries 
from here on out?

> > i’ve done so and even looked briefly at the code. where do you want the
> > discussion to occur? i have some technical questions already :)
> We may as well continue here.

okie dokie.. my first big question is:

how are tags related to data in different stores?

Aaron J. Seigo

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