Nepomuk in 4.13 and beyond

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Thu Dec 12 17:28:24 GMT 2013

On Thursday 12 Dec 2013 13:24:04 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi ...
> just replying to k-c-d because i loath massively-cross-posted email
> discussions.
> On Thursday, December 12, 2013 11:46:53 Vishesh Handa wrote:
> > Each of these problems is independently solvable without RDF.
> ah, how wonderful.
> what you describe is amazingly similar to the system Wheeler and I came up
> with during the very first Akademy. if you’re ever interested in what ever
> became of that, remind me over a coffee/beer sometime and i’ll put on my
> old-man pants and recount the ol’ days. ;)

Sure. Plasma sprint.

> > After a month of designing the solution and a month of implementing it,
> > Baloo
> > is working way better than Nepomuk does. So, I'd like to switch to Baloo
> > by
> > default in 4.13, while keeping Nepomuk in maintenance mode for more
> > conservative distributions.
> how does one switch to Baloo in a sane fashion?
> (so we can help test and perhaps even work on integration elsewhere. i don’t
> care about migration ..))

Disable Nepomuk (System settings) and install Baloo. It should startup on 
boot, otherwise you can run the baloo_file process.
Most of the PIM side is already integrated, but the patches still have to be 
pushed. (I'll push them into a clone) I've started working on porting Dolphin, 
but I need to talk with Frank.

What exactly do you want to integrate?

> what is the Baloo equivalent of the Nepomuk API currently in kdelibs?
> (i’ve looked in the ballo repo, it isn’t clear at first glance)

There isn't a clear Resource API any more. There is a nice query API - take a 
look at baloo/src/core/query.h / term.h. There are some "examples" in the 
autotests directory.

> > This is not a completely new project as large parts of Baloo code are
> > derived from Nepomuk and therefore comes with years of testing and real
> > world use.
> i’ll say it again here so that it is at least on record: i really disagree
> with renaming Nepomuk. call it Nepomuk 2 or whatever, but tossing aside
> name recognition and years of messaging is doing the promo teams a massive
> disservice.
> i hope that Baloo remains a technology name well hidden from both users and
> developers.

It will remain hidden.

> > Migration - There will be an automated migration mechanism for migrating
> > tags,
> > ratings and comments from Nepomuk to Baloo.
> cool
> > Another thread can be started about its different aspects once
> > you've read the basic ideas behind Baloo
> i’ve done so and even looked briefly at the code. where do you want the
> discussion to occur? i have some technical questions already :)

We may as well continue here.

Vishesh Handa

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