Review request reminder: kded-appmenu

Cedric Bellegarde gnumdk at
Wed Sep 26 13:58:55 BST 2012


i'm waiting for some code review on kded-appmenu module:

Martin Gräßlin tells me to send a reminder here before commiting. I need to 
put this in kde-workspace before patching with:

As i'm now plasma-widget-menubar maintainer, i will release a compatible 
version as soon as this is released with KDE.

For libkappmenu, it's not needed inside KDE as dbusmenu will be deprecated by 

So, my next works will be:
- start working on QMenuModel with Qt devs and Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho 
from Canonical
- add support for QMenuModel in kded-appmenu


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