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David Faure faure at
Fri Sep 28 19:40:02 BST 2012

On Tuesday 25 September 2012 19:16:43 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> Hi,
> We need your help to do better at engaging the world-wide Qt developer
> community. Please answer this question:
> "what classes and components in KDELibs/Frameworks 5 do you think are most
> interesting for external Qt developers and why?"

I think the best example is the KArchive frameworks, since Qt developers have 
been missing ZIP support in Qt (and other archive formats), as well as single-
file gzip/bzip2/xz compression.

Then there's sonnet, a complete spellchecking framework (core and widgets).

Solid, for hardware detection ( iirc)

Threadweaver, for giving out jobs to threads with support for job dependencies 
(which is not available in QThreadPool).

KIdleTime, detecting when the user is not using the computer (cross-platform)

KConfig, a non-deprecated configuration framework :-)
 (with better API and more features than the almost-deprecated QSettings)

Many addons for the model/view framework (currently called "itemmodels", maybe 
that's a bit too generic though). 

KIO, a "VFS" implementation based on Qt.

KCoreAddons, for
* a job 'framework' for asynchronous tasks
* random numbers / random strings / random ordering in lists
* auto-saving, backups
* file locking (which I plan to try and move to Qt for 5.1)

A large number of additional widgets (capacity bar, led, ruler, selector, 
separator, x/y selector, ... a lot more coming)

XMLGUI, for user-configurable desktop GUIs (menus/toolbars/shortcuts).

And a lot more....

> Please add explanations and links to documentation where possible.

Not sure you want links to the code... but right now there isn't much more 
(like per-framework web space and general information...)

David Faure, faure at,
Working on KDE, in particular KDE Frameworks 5
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