Review Request: Ability to select which screen savers are used for "Random"

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Fri Sep 21 13:57:05 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Runtime.


The referenced bug suggests that it should be possible to individually select screen savers that are to be considered when the "Random" option is chosen.  This patch implements that.

In order to avoid having to duplicate the complete saver tree view (and the code to generate it) within the random saver's setup mode, check boxes are added to the kcontrol saver list (with the exception of the random saver itself).  The state of these is saved to the random saver's config file.  This selection is in addition to the two options within the saver's setup dialogue, so if for example "Use OpenGL screen savers" is not checked than any OpenGL savers will be ignored even if their boxes are checked in the tree view.

(Submitting to kde-runtime, there is no kde-workspace group)

This addresses bug 57572.


  kcontrol/screensaver/scrnsave.h 7c8deba 
  kcontrol/screensaver/scrnsave.cpp c0507d4 
  kscreensaver/krandom_screensaver/random.cpp 4047184 



Built saver and kcontrol module with these changes.  Checked operation of kcontrol module, saving of settings in the config file and operation of the random saver.


kcmshell4 screensaver


Jonathan Marten

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