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Hello all. Sorry for messing around here (I'm not a KDE developer) but in
case anyone interested in OpenBSD look, I'll try to present it here via
some thoughts and facts.

1. OpenBSD doesn't care about FHS, and all *nix except Linux distros do not
care either. Because FHS is Linux-only itself.

2. Due to (1) some folders should be placed in other, errrm, places.
Particularly, libexec folder for non-base packages should be
/usr/local/libexec/, not something in */lib/. Unfortunately, while there
exists KDE_LIBEXEC_DIR (if I recall correctly) CMake configuration option,
it's ignored in many places.

3. I've patches for stuff in KDE 4.9 that got hardcoded in
$KDELIBDIR/kde4/libexec. Runs more or less fine here, but not polished yet.
If anyone is interested, I could publish them on review board.
20.09.2012 15:47 пользователь "Jonathan Marten" <jjm2 at>

> There are a lot of executables in $KDEDIR/bin which are used for
> internal purposes within KDE and are not intended to be directly
> executed by the end user.  Having these in the user's $PATH is not
> necessary and has overheads for the shell (and for the user, when
> doing tab-completion of a command).
> Maybe the forthcoming next major release of KDE (i.e. that based on
> Qt5 and Frameworks, whether it ends up being called "KDE 5" or
> something else) would be a good time to review what is installed here,
> and move anything that is not intended to be run by the user into
> $KDEDIR/lib/kde4/libexec?  KStandardDirs::findExe() already searches
> there (before $PATH or $KDEDIR/bin), so there should be no
> serious compatibility problems.
> I could submit bugs for all of the individual components that install
> such things, but this message is just to gauge the reaction first.
> Here is a quick survey of my current $KDEDIR/bin, I'm not sure about
> the purpose of all of these executables but have certainly never had
> the occasion to run any of them as a user.  Some of them are even
> dangerous to run...
> *.kss                           <-- all screen savers
> akonadi_*
> akonadiserver
> amarok_afttagger
> amarokcollectionscanner
> curconvd
> dtvdaemon
> kactivitymanagerd
> kalarmautostart
> kapplymousetheme
> kbuildsycoca4                   <-- but useful for the user to run
> sometimes
> kcheckrunning
> kcminit
> kcminit_startup
> kcookiejar4
> kded4
> kdeinit4
> kdeinit4_shutdown
> kdeinit4_wrapper
> kdekillall
> kdostartupconfig4
> kfilemetadatareader
> khotnewstuff-upload
> kio_svn_helper
> kjotsmigrator
> kmail-migrator
> kmailcvt
> knotify4
> kpartloader
> krandrstartup
> kres-migrator
> ksmserver
> kstartupconfig4
> ksysguardd
> ktesnippets_editor
> ktmagnetdownloader
> kuiserver
> kwalletd
> kwrapper4
> kwrited
> lucene2indexer
> nepomukindexer
> nepomukserver
> nepomukservicestub
> nspluginscan
> plasma-remote-helper
> rdfindexer
> servicemenudeinstallation
> servicemenuinstallation
> sopranod
> strigidaemon
> xmlindexer
> --
> Jonathan Marten               
> Twickenham, UK                          jjm2 at
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