Nepomuk Metadata Extractor moved to KDE Review

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at
Wed Oct 31 18:59:52 GMT 2012

2012/10/31 Sebastian Kügler <sebas at>:
> This doesn't look like it's kdelibs material anyway, so it's not affected by
> the kdelibs freeze.

The only reason to put in into kde-libs is the fact, that all other
Nepomuk stuff is in there too.

> I'm not sure where to put it consequentially, though, it does sound like
> something useful to have in a base system at first glance, as it would really
> be a good way to show how Nepomuk is useful beyond what the filesystem already
> offers.

That's my problem, I have no idea where it really could belong. So
I'll settle for extragear/base for now as I think that's the best
solution for now.

While most parts can be safely installed by any user, the
Nepomuk2:Service should only be installed/activated, if the user is
aware of its function. As it tends to query web resources a lot
(especially when nepomuk indexes files the first time).
This is not something someone wants on a low bandwidth/Mobile/Limited
internet connection

But I assume this is something the packagers have to split.


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