Review Request: Apper on kdereview

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Thu May 24 21:48:32 BST 2012


2012/5/24 Burkhard Lück <lueck at>:
> Am Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012, 17:07:20 schrieb Matthias Klumpp:
>> Hi!
>> @Albert: Isn't this the line?
>> er/entry/AppSetup/main.cpp#L44 (please tell me if there's something wrong
>> ^^)
> Afaik the insertCatalog() call is done too early and won't work.
Too early? (I thought too late :P)
> [...]
> So I'd use:
> KAboutData aboutData("appsetup-kde", "apper", ...
Changed as you suggested.

>> @Burkhard: The files have been moved - but I think I copied the
>> location scheme from another project, so this issue might affect other
>> projects too. (but I'm not completely sure... everything I've checked
>> so far is sane)
> Yuri added apper/doc to scripty's workflow, man pages will be processed
> tomorrow morning.
Many thanks! :)

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