Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Lamarque V. Souza lamarque at
Wed Mar 14 16:56:07 GMT 2012

Em Wednesday 14 March 2012, Thomas Zander escreveu:
> On Wednesday 14 March 2012 16.59.55 Lamarque V. Souza wrote:
> > Colord is not wide used in KDE and since oyranos includes a wider feature
> > set I guess it is more usefull for a wider range of users.
> This assumption seems to not be supported by the documentation. The
> specific set of user-groups also speaks against this assumption.

	Which documentation and which user-groups?
> > As said in
> > other e-mails colord is required in Gnome3, so why not add oyranos to
> > kdegraphics since other KDE software already work with it?
> I'm not following this sentence; becaues gnome uses X, kde should not use
> X. If thats what you are saying, I want to say I disagree.
> Could you explain what you mean with the
>   "since other KDE already works with it"
> part?
> AFAIK there is no KDE software that would function better with oyranos than
> with colord.  Which means there is no clear advantage on that basis.  Am I
> missing some piece of software?

	I meant that there are other KDE software that works with oyranos. I did 
not mean they have it as dependency.

Lamarque V. Souza
KDE's Network Management maintainer
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