Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Lamarque V. Souza lamarque at
Wed Mar 14 15:59:55 GMT 2012

Em Wednesday 14 March 2012, Sune Vuorela escreveu:
> On 2012-03-14, Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> wrote:
> > It's easy enough to package -- the opensuse packages I use work perfectly
> > fine, so I cannot imagine that there are any real and relevant problems
> > for other distributions.
> Sure it can be done. but it is just useless churn if it doesn't really
> provide anything that matters to the end user that colord doesn't.

	You are talking as if colord is the default standard and well used in 
KDE and then out of a suden comes oyranoes trying to replace it. Colord is not 
wide used in KDE and since oyranos includes a wider feature set I guess it is 
more usefull for a wider range of users. As said in other e-mails colord is 
required in Gnome3, so why not add oyranos to kdegraphics since other KDE 
software already work with it?
> I could package oyranos and the weird things it requires. but in the
> same time I_could probably fix 20 small annoyances for all users and
> package the new nice nepomuk ioslaves. What is the best use of my time?

	You devide what is the best use of your time. I still commit patches to 
Kopete from time to time even though I know it is going to fade away once we 
move to Qt 5 (Kopete still uses Qt3Support in several places).

Lamarque V. Souza
KDE's Network Management maintainer
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