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On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 9:02 AM, todd rme <toddrme2178 at> wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 1:15 AM, Mark <markg85 at> wrote:
> > = Current issue =
> > The current digital clock has a calendar, but the default events are
> really
> > pointless for non usa people. I see the events and i certainly don't
> live in
> > the usa. So, the data in there has to be a little more focused on where
> the
> > user lives. For example having the Dutch holidays in it for the Dutch
> users.
> > German for... you get the idea.
> No, by default the events are from the country in system settings ->
> locale Country/Region and Language -> Country.  So if you set Germany
> there, you will see German holidays.
> Ah right. That does make me wonder why my system thinks i'm in USA..

>  > = Issues =
> > I'm not a KDE n00b and i have no clue where the current calender events
> are
> > pulled from or where i can even change them, add them or delete them.
> It's
> > not visible at all. I would have expected korganizer but to my surprise
> that
> > is empty. So where is is pulling the events from?
> If you want to change it to your country, just change your country in
> the locale (you have to restart plasma for the changes to take
> effect).  If you want something other than your locale country,
> right-click on the clock -> Digital Clock Settings -> Calender.  There
> you can enable or disable as many holidays as you want.

I see what you mean. Sadly this functionality seems to be broken? I can't
select/change/delete any holiday that's in there. I even turned  "display
events" off. That results in.. events/holidays being displayed. Seems like
the display events checkbox isn't honored.

> > = make it yourself: =
> > No, that domain doesn't work (yet) ;)
> > Since there is no free holiday API, but all the data is freely available
> on
> > the internet
>  why
> > not make a holiday system where users can contribute the holidays. So i
> for
> > example can add all the dutch holidays, someone can review and check
> that i
> > didn't fill in bogus data and done. Dutch holidays are in the system.
> This
> > system then needs an API (REST perhaps?) where you can request all
> holidays
> > by (or a mixture of) year/country/month/day something like that. Make the
> > web API publicly and freely available for anyone to use.
> There is already a holidays API, and people already can and do submit
> holidays for different countries to KDE.

Please do tell more.

> > = Integrate with organizer or akonadi (or nepomuk?.. i
> lost
> > it) =
> > Lets for the moment make the assumption that this data is PIM data thus
> > akonadi is the one where this should be stored. Organizer should
> interface
> > with akonadi. I could be mixing up the akonadi and nepomuk names now. If
> so,
> > please do correct me. Either way, the API of should be
> used
> > to fetch and store the users country holidays in his local PIM database
> > which should show up in KOrganizer (as a seperate calendar) and that
> should
> > show up in the digital clock calendar. That seems logical to me.
> Korganizer can already use the API.  Go to Settings -> Configure
> Korganizer -> Time and Date -> Regional -> Use Holiday Region.  It
> doesn't appear to use your country by default, though.

ehh, oke. It "kinda" works but work is definitively needed to make
KOrganizer be intuitive.

> -Todd

So, the systems all do "seem" to be in place. It's just seems to
be haunted by a couple of nasty bugs.
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