Review Request: Rename Samba Shares to Windows Shares (SMB)

andrea diamantini adjam7 at
Fri Jun 22 16:30:25 BST 2012

Just let me add my 2 cents to the discussion saying that whatever name you
are going to choose here, it should be non technical at all from the user
So, please let "samba", "smb" or similar out of it. "Windows" is
borderline. My mother knows that it is referred to something computer
related. :)

2012/6/22 Stas Verberkt <legolas at>

> My mother however thinks about a certain latin dance when I tell her
>>> to 'use the samba share'.
>> My mother however thinks about certain holes in the walls of her home
>> when I
>> tell her to 'use the windows share'.
>>  Windows itself refers to this by "network share", I think.
> However, what I was wondering is: if a user does not understand those
> terms,
> would that user use these shares? Or would that user just use the link or
> shortcut he got from the system administrator? Because I am not sure if my
> mother would understand the whole concept of sharing anyway -- ok, I am
> telling
> a lie here, my mother is an IT professional, but that is not the point. ;)


Andrea Diamantini

rekonq project
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