Review Request: Rename Samba Shares to Windows Shares (SMB)

Stas Verberkt legolas at
Fri Jun 22 11:35:47 BST 2012

>> My mother however thinks about a certain latin dance when I tell her
>> to 'use the samba share'.
> My mother however thinks about certain holes in the walls of her home 
> when I
> tell her to 'use the windows share'.
Windows itself refers to this by "network share", I think.
However, what I was wondering is: if a user does not understand those 
would that user use these shares? Or would that user just use the link 
shortcut he got from the system administrator? Because I am not sure if 
mother would understand the whole concept of sharing anyway -- ok, I am 
a lie here, my mother is an IT professional, but that is not the point. 

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