Default file manager and folder associations

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Sun Jun 17 18:17:41 BST 2012

Am 17.06.2012, 18:18 Uhr, schrieb Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde at>:

>> a mounted media /is/ inode/directory,
>> if you want to treat things differently you'd need sth. more advanced
>> that inspects path or content and runs a special app in case. -> bash
>> script + service file or write sth. with a nifty config gui.
> Let me stress that this is _not_ an issue restricted to the device  
> notifier, and the fix does not belong there.

I didn't mean to suggest that.

What i wanted to say is that the task of "smart selection" goes beyond the  
concept of mime types.
In doubt you want a "smart" tool that inspects the directory (is it a  
mounted mountpoint; do we know the mounted device; what's the content, eg.  
is there a DCIM folder - stuff like that) and bind it as default  
inode/directory service.

> What we need to do in the device notifier (and in krunner) is to open a  
> path using the default file manager;

>  that is, we need to trust that the default association for folders is  
> something sensible or

> alternatively, have somebody else tell us which is the default file  
> manager.
no - that would just introduce a second config for the same task + you'd  
still have to standardize it.

You want to open directories with the default mime handler just as images  
or an mp3, that's why they're there.
If someone sets an "rm -rf $1" script as default directory handler, that's  
actually his problem - you can't fix stupidity.


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