Default file manager and folder associations

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at
Sun Jun 17 17:18:25 BST 2012

On Sunday 17 June 2012 17:51:26 Thomas Lübking wrote:
> afaics the original forum request turns out to be a misassumption
> about what "remember" does when "opening with..." -> the should or
> could be "add to associations" checkbox (even if that would be done
> automatically, just for disambiation)
Yes, I agree that the checkbox text does not properly explain what is going 
on. It does make sense when opening never-seen-before types of file with 
konqui, but does not when adding a rightclick action…

> a mounted media /is/ inode/directory,
> if you want to treat things differently you'd need sth. more advanced
> that inspects path or content and runs a special app in case. -> bash
> script + service file or write sth. with a nifty config gui.

Let me stress that this is _not_ an issue restricted to the device notifier, 
and the fix does not belong there. 

krunner also uses the default file association when opening files, so that if 
the default folder association is messed up, opening ~ in krunner will use VLC 
(or whatever has been set as default). 

What we need to do in the device notifier (and in krunner) is to open a path 
using the default file manager; that is, we need to trust that the default 
association for folders is something sensible or, alternatively, have somebody 
else tell us which is the default file manager. 


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