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Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at
Wed Jul 25 12:43:37 BST 2012

Am 25.07.2012 12:57, schrieb Jakob Gruber:
> I spent this morning setting up KDE Windows (thanks SaroEngels for all
> the help). The good news is that picmi
> compiles and runs without any changes to the source code (mingw and KDE
> 4.8).
> I have not set up a build with MSVC or KDE trunk, so I can't say
> anything about these yet.
> On to specific issues below...
> On 07/25/2012 07:10 AM, Laszlo Papp wrote:
>> About picmi:
>> 1) The makefile is a non-crossplatform specific file in the project
>> root. I do not see much value in that file to be honest since it is
>> practically a file to avoid a simple alias? I would like to get that
>> either removed (my preference) or make cross-platform. NMake or
>> preferrably Jom is used on Windows, but you would need to sort out the
>> Mac compiler there and the like. I do not think it is worth it in
>> comparison with the additional maintainance.
> This is basically a convenience makefile and is not part of the actual
> cmake build system (= it can be ignored). Following SaroEngels'
> suggestion, it has been renamed to GNUmakefile - this way it should only
> be executed by GNU make.
>> 2) find_package(LibKDEGames REQUIRED) -> Broken on Windows. I have
>> made a local alering to KDEGames, but I am unsure if that is the real
>> fix. My arch box seems to install LibKDEGames.cmake, so probably not.
>> Please unbreak this.
> I mentioned this in my initial mail. find_package(LibKDEGames) does not
> work for trunk (find_package(KDEGames) does).
> Does everyone here use trunk? If yes, I will change this in the
> repository - let me know.
>> 3) Do not use gcc specific compilation options, like /extra please. I
>> do not see the real need for that, but if you desperately need that,
>> use conditions...
> Thanks, these are now conditionally added (if (CMAKE_COMPILER_IS_GNUCXX)).
>> 4) C:\Projects\picmi\src/settings.h(30) : fatal error C1083: Cannot
>> open include file: 'kgamedifficulty.h': No such file or directory ->
>> Something is wrong around the private libkdegames topic.
> kgamedifficulty.h is only included if HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY is not set. In
> turn, if you are running a recent version of libkdegames,
> HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY should be set by
> check_include_file_cxx(kgdifficulty.h HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY)
> (
> So it seems like cmake is unable to find kgdifficulty.h in your
> installation? As discussed in #kde-windows, I will be around later
> tonight to follow up on this.
> However, I don't see 2) and 4) as much of an issue - if picmi is
> accepted into the kdegames module, all support for the old libkdegames
> classes will be removed anyway.

Well, it should be easy to fall back to find_package(KDEGames) if
find_package(LibKDEGames) fails (and fail completely if none is found).
This way you can also integrate the check for kgdifficulty.h.

Except my personal broken setup, picmi seems to build & work nicely now.
So Ship It! ;-)
> As always,
> thanks for your time and effort,
> Jakob


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